The History

              Hristo Botev Secondary school is the oldest educational institution in the town of Vratsa. It is a successor of both The Ascension Male Class School which was opened in 1822 and The All Male School of Vratsa.
        In the beginning of the 1980s new specialized classes with intensive learning of French and Mathematics set the foundation of the Foreign Language School and the High School of Mathematics and Science. 
        Since its announcement as The All Male School of Vratsa in 1907, the school has given school-leaving certificates to 65 000 students.
      In the beginning of the 21st century Hristo Botev Secondary School sets the standards of a modern school. In honour of its 185th  year of establishment, 160 years of class education and 100 years of secondary education, in 2007 the completely restored and renovated 113-year-old building was opened.
      The school meets the European educational requirements taking its stand on its centennial traditions and experience. After its renovation the school has been ranked highly by the Ministry of Education as one of the most modernized, beautiful and with largest number of students in Bulgaria. The classrooms are equipped with up-to-date educational resources, multimedia projectors, 3 interactive whiteboards and a wireless network. Grades and notes about students’ behavior are available online for the parents in an electronic register.
      Hristo Botev Secondary School has been awarded with The Order of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria and the Order of St. Cyril and St. Methodius, as well as the first Honorary Insignia of the town of Vratsa and the Major Award of Education of the town of Vratsa.
        The teachers are highly qualified with Master’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree and I, II or III degree of professional qualification. The management body of the school comprises a principal, 2 assistant principals responsible for educational and auxiliary activities, one assistant principal responsible for the administration and finance.
        More than 1000 students study in primary, lower secondary and secondary classes (1st to 12th grade).
        The admission in secondary classes is realized as follows:
1. Upon completion of grade 7 students take entry exams in Bulgarian language and
literature and Mathematics for specialized classes with an intensive English language course:
-  Natural Sciences and Mathematics (Biology and Health education)
-  Humanities (History and Civilisation)
-  Humanities (Geography and Economics)
2.    Upon completion of grade 8 the admission, based on grades from the Certificate of Basic Education is in the following classes:
-  Technology – Tourism
-  Humanities
-  Non-specialised classes
      Since 2006 the school has participated in a considerable number of projects of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme.
      Since 2007 the school has been a member of the Association of Cambridge schools in Bulgaria.
      Our students have confidence as the new generation of European citizens – educated, competitive and prepared to face life.
      Our school intertwines the tradition, the past, the present and the future of all educational activities in the region of Vratsa.

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